The Islamic Revolution in Iran is Under Threat

I see that some of you are scratching your heads over why a revolution could ever be ‘under threat’. Well as with most things in this world, organizations (and the ‘movements’ that they advocate) like to perpetuate themselves. They want to keep their jobs. They want to preserve their sense of purpose. They want to be able to tell everyone how great they are.

The ‘Islamic Revolution’ is like that. They are a movement with a name, backed by an organization of people with funny hats, called mullahs. And, like many movements of its kind, it can be threatened.

Not by the US. Not by Europe. Not by Iraq – or any other state.

It’s under threat by the most dangerous enemy it can have: it’s own people.

The younger generation looks at the West and wonders why they can’t have at least some of what we have. As the ranks of this younger generation swell, so will the pressure to reform the revolution.

Most revolutionaries would rather die than reform. Better yet, they would rather have someone else die. That’s one of the reasons why so many revolutions spawn wars with those around them.

When revolutions start to falter, revolutionaries start pointing to their neighbors as the cause. There’s nothing like a nice little war to distract the public from their domestic problems.

Of course, for all my bravado about how well prepared Israel is for such an eventuality, we are a teeny bit too close to Iran for comfort.

Shades of Gog and Magog, don’t you think?